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Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized each year because shelters can't find them  homes. Rather than buying your next pet, GeorgianBayDreamTeam encourages you to consider adopting from a shelter and save a life. We are proud supporters of our local animal shelters Hill Cress Dog Haven / Victoria Harbour & OSPCA Midland


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Our work is to actively contribute to the children that everyone has forgotten about, giving a hope and
a future for those impoverished and less fortunate that are deprived and malnourished, unable to attend
school or even predict when their next meal will be. It is our aim to reach out to the endless number of
street kids, vulnerable children and orphans, destitute and abandoned by poverty and AIDS who live on the streets and the slums, rescuing them from poverty, abuse and hopelessness; Providing them with an environment for growth, hope for the future and an acceptable quality of life by placing them in a nurturing family environment and giving them empowerment for the future.

To give each child individually, through knowledge and education, the power to create a successful life for themselves developing welfare as a whole, mind body and spirit.

Life4kids is a certified, accredited, licensed and registered charity.